The best is yet to come

I was born in Germany in 1971 but moved to Spain at age of 6, grew up with German discipline but with Spanish heart… I graduated with distinction in Law from the University of Barcelona, but left the legal profession to pursue a career in fashion. I always wanted a nomadic life! I said to my parents “now you can hang my Law-degree it in the wall, but I need to see the world!".

Discovered by Helmut Newton in the 90’s. Fashion gave me the opportunity to travel worldwide, and earn a living while learning languages. I visited remote places and came across with amazing people during the 10 years of my international career. But having traveled the world and meeting my husband in Paris I decided to move back to Barcelona and start a family. I studied then, Narrative and Creative writing at the Atheneum School for authors in Barcelona. I created my own Edition house, Ediciones Harty. S.L and published my first book in 2013. Founded also Hartdeco. S.L, an interior design company advising for interior-architectural projects.

In 2016 I moved to Singapore with my family for an “Asian experience". My three years in Asia gave me the opportunity to meet a group of incredible women. A real inspiration! Why not turn my passion into a good cause? I had so far always traveled alone…
These wonderful group of women make me realize we can pursue our dreams but turn them into something greater by “helping others". I decided to educate, inspire and involve as much people as possible for a cause: OUR PLANET.

Please go to My Planet First, my foundation, and become one of our embassadors!

Christine Hart


My fantasy lifestyle has always been linked to an outdoor lifestyle. I love challenge and adventure. But above all l feel the urge to educate for a social and environmental transformation.
I try to transmit this passion and love for our planet to my children. I take very seriously my role as a mother. “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world".