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My Octopus Teacher

Craig Forster has capture in this breathtaking movie a side of nature no one has seen before in any underwater documentaries. 

Who would say you would cry and have feelings for an octopus? This revealing film has shown another dimension of “fish sensibility” that still beyond our actual knowledge. Craig has capture moments that make us realize how much we need to learn from the animal world; looking closely with love and curiosity, only then, we will understand that we need to act with responsibility, and have a meaningful attitude towards the animal world. 

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One Breath Around The World

Dive in. One Breath Around the World is a stunning short documentary featuring world champion free diver Guillaume Néry exploring remarkable places underwater. The footage in this is jaw-dropping, mind-blowing incredible - so amazing it's hard to even believe it's real. But it is. Néry explores these oceanscapes by holding his breath for a very long time and swimming/crawling/running around. The footage is shot by his wife, who also held her breath while shooting this. I guarantee you've never seen anything like this.