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What is the Future of Travel?  How I teach my kids to travel?

We are in a rapid changing world: facing themes as space travel, energy crisis to the metaverse.

We need definitely to go more and more green, travel in more sensitive ways, gentler, less about grand, to support nature and local people in meaningful ways. Not just taking but giving back. Travel should be an exchange!

Christine Hart


Greenland can be a Hell of destination or heaven depending of the season you go and the luck you have with the weather. We spend three weeks of summer with our children and even we expected sunshine most of the time was misty, rainy and very humid.  Probably the most ...
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Finally I made it to “The Enchanted Islands” the. Two years wait was worth while.  Each of the 13 Galapagos Islands are so amazingly unique, they have one of the strangest biodiversity of plants and animals in the world. Probably because Galapagos sits in one of the most volcanic regions ...
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Iceland: The land of fire and ice

Many people believe the ninth century “Viking Naddod” is the first human to set foot on Iceland. But others trace Iceland’s human history back to 325 BCE and the greek explorer “Phyteas”. Phyteas returns from exploring Western Europe with an account of a place “six days sailing north of Britain, beyond ...
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Landing in Antartica was more than emotional, no words can express the feeling of landing in the last ultimate virgin continent on Earth, the people joining this expedition was almost in tears when we steped out of the airplane.
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Amangiri, Utah

We arrived to Amangiri by car from Las Vegas, the drive was absolutely beautiful. On the way to Aman property we stopped in Zion National Park, definitely a Must! When we saw the landscape of the mountains we decided to stop over for the night, there is plenty cabins and ...
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