Amangiri, Utah

Amangiri, Utah

April 23, 2019 Off By admin-chr2

We arrived to Amangiri by car from Las Vegas, the drive was absolutely beautiful. On the way to Aman property we stopped in Zion National Park, definitely a Must! When we saw the landscape of the mountains we decided to stop over for the night, there is plenty cabins and little lodges inside de park and dozen of trails where to choose from … 

The drive from Vegas is just 3,5 h to Zion and a couple more from Zion to Amangiri. 

Amangiri is one of the most espectacular proprieties of All AMAN resorts and ideal to enjoy with family and kids too. 

Not only offers plenty of activities but also romantic scenery : You can sleep under the stars, have a bath overlooking the spectacular views of the desert or jump into a private pool with your kids and enjoy the most fun activities under breathtaking desert views. We did some Horse riding, paleontologic excursions, spectacular hikes and a Navajo dinner experience under the stars!

We had the great opportunity to meet Scott Richardson, a renewed Paleontologist, in Amangiri, and go with him to find and dig for our own fossils. A group of Paleontologist had just discovered a baby dinosaur at the same place we where diging.

We will probably come back soon, it has been a fascinating experience for my children and there is so many things to discover …