Iceland: The land of fire and ice

Many people believe the ninth century “Viking Naddod” is the first human to set foot on Iceland. But others trace Iceland’s human history back to 325 BCE and the greek explorer “Phyteas”. Phyteas returns from exploring Western Europe with an account of a place “six days sailing north of Britain, beyond the borders of the known…

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Landing in Antartica was more than emotional, no words can express the feeling of landing in the last ultimate virgin continent on Earth, the people joining this expedition was almost in tears when we steped out of the airplane.

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West Papua

Probably the last remote place in Earth to dive and find the most variety of fish, corals and pink sand color beaches.  We boarded Si DaThu, an Indonesian wooden Boat, with its fantastic crew. They danced and sang to us during all our voyage through Raja Ampat.  The area is only to dive with a…

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FLORES & KOMODO Archipelago

We boarded again in Si DaThu Bua with its amazing crew. We started our trip in Mojo and for seven days we navigated through the archipelago, stopping in Banta, Komodo, Rinca and Flores.  While we were cruising north of Sumbawa we saw the smoke coming out of the twin Volcanos in Sangeang Island. We felt…

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Cambodia was our first weekend destination in Asia after we moved to Singapore. We decided to see what is consider the eighth wonder of the World. The largest religious monument, Angkor Wat, that literally means ¨the city¨, wich in reality is a Temple… It was build during the 12th century by king Suryavarman, Dedicated mainly to…

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