Iceland: The land of fire and ice

Many people believe the ninth century “Viking Naddod” is the first human to set foot on Iceland. But others trace Iceland’s human history back to 325 BCE and the greek explorer “Phyteas”. Phyteas returns from exploring Western Europe with an account of a place “six days sailing north of Britain, beyond the borders of the known…

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Landing in Antartica was more than emotional, no words can express the feeling of landing in the last ultimate virgin continent on Earth, the people joining this expedition was almost in tears when we steped out of the airplane.

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Amangiri, Utah

We arrived to Amangiri by car from Las Vegas, the drive was absolutely beautiful. On the way to Aman property we stopped in Zion National Park, definitely a Must! When we saw the landscape of the mountains we decided to stop over for the night, there is plenty cabins and little lodges inside de park…

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West Papua

Probably the last remote place in Earth to dive and find the most variety of fish, corals and pink sand color beaches.  We boarded Si DaThu, an Indonesian wooden Boat, with its fantastic crew. They danced and sang to us during all our voyage through Raja Ampat.  The area is only to dive with a…

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Without a doubt my favourite Continent is Australia, and it has been a pleasure for me to drive along the EAST and WEST coast of this magnificent continent being able to share it with my kids. NOOSA (East Australia) Noosa was a top destination for the family. Kite surfing, surf or fishing are the top…

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Scotland, “The Highlands”

Scotland, is the perfect destination for a family where you can combine culture, history, sports, best golf ever and amazing landscapes. It is a country of strong traditions and culture that wins your heart from the beginning. Their local people are super friendly, known as the “Northern Latinos”, Scottish have a great sense of humor…

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Japan with Kids

Japan has been one of my favourite countries so far because of its culture, beauty and authenticity. The first time I came was alone, and it was then a real adventure for me, it was very hard to communicate with locals. Very few people spoke English and actually still the same today. This last time,…

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Carnival in Venice

Venice, is one of the most exciting cities in Europe. Italians are not only good in making pasta, they make you laugh and you have real fun with them, but the most outstanding character of Italians is their Elegance! Not only you see the best dressed man in Italy but the most stunning and amusing…

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Bali, Ubud

Bali can be a very educational trip for children, where they can enjoy the learnings of the amazing traditional Thai Art. The local children start in their villages from an early age and some develop a great talent becoming really true artist. My kids got to draw with some of the villagers, some showed really…

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Amanwana, Mojo Island

We had the pleasure to enjoy this trip with our kids at the Amanwana resort in Mojo Island. We felt we were in a fairy tail all time… You would wake up with the magnificent views of the ocean and deers in the beach with the sound of  singing birds that would give you the sensation of…

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