Amanwana, Mojo Island

Amanwana, Mojo Island

April 5, 2019 Off By admin-chr2

We had the pleasure to enjoy this trip with our kids at the Amanwana resort in Mojo Island.

We felt we were in a fairy tail all time…

You would wake up with the magnificent views of the ocean and deers in the beach with the sound of  singing birds that would give you the sensation of being in Snow-White fairy Tail…

Where is Moyo? (older spelling Mojo) is part of the thousands of Indonesian Islands, located at the West Nusa Tenggara province, north coast of Sumbawa Island.

In 1986 a National park was established in order to conserve and protect the extraordinary vegetation, its uniqueness and the many animal species (birds, bats, monkeys, wild pigs, deer) and a Marine Reserve with the goal of preserving the unspoiled reefs surrounding the island.

The island is mostly uninhabited and unknown to the majority of tourists; you can only get there by boat or helicopter.

The population is about 1000 inhabitants distributed in 6 villages, all of them living on fishing and farming.

We got an old Jeep to investigate a bit the island and drove inside the jungle were we also got stranded for a few hours, but was part of the adventure, so we decided to jump into the river and enjoy while they came to rescue us…

Next Day we boarded in our Boat for our next destination: Flores, Indonesia.