West Papua

West Papua

April 15, 2019 Off By admin-chr2

Probably the last remote place in Earth to dive and find the most variety of fish, corals and pink sand color beaches. 

We boarded Si DaThu, an Indonesian wooden Boat, with its fantastic crew. They danced and sang to us during all our voyage through Raja Ampat. 

The area is only to dive with a National Park Pass, and you have to sign for it previously to your trip to Papua, otherwise you won’t be have access or dive in the Raja Ampat Archipelago. 

We did two dives a day. Our first dive experience was in Batanta, were we could swim with Manta Rays of 5/6 meters long, individuals that can grow as large as 7 m across. It was quite impressive to swim along these creatures!  Even you knew they only eat from the plankton rich waters you felt a bit insecure due the size, each time they passed by with their huge open mouth I felt they could just swallow me along the way. 
Next day we would swim with dozens of turtles in Kabui Bay. “Just floating next to them and following the ocean currents.. ”My kids couldn’t  believe it, as I never imagined being surrounded by such an intense indigo color, star fish, and pink, green purple corals…, it was just unbelievable beautiful! 

Sometimes we will fish our dinner or simply relax in a nice beach, kayaking around the islands. 
The experience was just magic and I will probably never see again these colors in the sea or in any other ocean in this planet.