FLORES & KOMODO Archipelago

FLORES & KOMODO Archipelago

May 10, 2019 Off By admin-chr2

We boarded again in Si DaThu Bua with its amazing crew. We started our trip in Mojo and for seven days we navigated through the archipelago, stopping in Banta, Komodo, Rinca and Flores. 

While we were cruising north of Sumbawa we saw the smoke coming out of the twin Volcanos in Sangeang Island. We felt like hiking the volcanos but the crew didn’t recommend to do so. So we continued till Banta where we could enjoy a stunning view of the Volcanos.

Next day after a beautiful dive we headed to Komodo Island where we will spend a few nights going around the island. I was a bit stressed to go to the beach for a morning walk with the kids, as there is more than 2000 Komodo Dragons living freely and with not much food to it. 

After a great beach journey and snorkeling  in these amazing Indonesian waters, my daughter finally catched our dinner ! 

Was dinner time! We settle a camp in the beach, we lighted a gigantic fire for our BBQ that could be seen from the boat and far away, we danced and sang till midnight under the moonlight. Next day we woke up early for an impressive four hours hike. After that we set sail to PADAR, the pink beach! It is called after the red coral around the island that ends up in little pieces in the sand turning it into a pink color beach.

Our trip was ending …, kids decorated with the help of the crew all the boat for our final dinner onboard. Some tears came down when the dinner was over and we knew we had to fly back to Singapore next day!