Scotland, “The Highlands”

Scotland, “The Highlands”

August 10, 2019 Off By admin-chr2

Scotland, is the perfect destination for a family where you can combine culture, history, sports, best golf ever and amazing landscapes. It is a country of strong traditions and culture that wins your heart from the beginning. Their local people are super friendly, known as the “Northern Latinos”, Scottish have a great sense of humor and ancient traditions. We learned about the kilt and tartans, we enjoyed the pipers and their traditional dancing, that is generally supported by at least one member in each Scottish family, their whiskies and much more…

We started our journey in Edinburgh ( Edimbra) boarding on the Royal Scottish Train that took us though an exciting itinerary of northern Scotland including “The Highlands”: visiting stunning castles, experiencing real Scottish whisky, trying out fly fishing ( really an Art), and learning about their great history …

One of my favorite places was Braemar, a little town 15 minutes away from Balmoral Castle. The mountains and the Surroundings of that picturesque town have been kept the same way without a single construction around for more than thousand years. You can find there one of the most amazing hotels in the world. A jewel, a unique piece full of art pieces: FIFe Arms Hotel.The hotel has been recently renovated. Opened in the 19th century after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert set in Balmoral Castle. ( See my post in “Best hotels in the world”)

Our main family sport in Scotland was to play golf. We had great days playing in St. Andrews. The oldest golf course in the world.

Surprisingly after many hours hiking in one of the Islands we run into a herd of white wild horses. They would  be simply relax there in the cliffs… Just magical! 

I cant explain all the wonderful things we saw for the last three weeks but surely I will be back next July, probably one of the best periods to visit. Little rain and perfect temperatures. Scotland is a Magical country, lots of things to discover!