Africa is an inspiration

Africa is an inspiration

April 2, 2019 0 By admin-chr2

Africa has been definitely an inspiration in my lifestyle: I love their Savannahs, colours, tribes…

Every time I travel to Africa there is still much to discover. This love for Africa is shown in my daily life: the way I dress, the way I decorate my home, the Art I choose to inspire me…

Visit of Anna Trzebinski studio in Nairobi, where I had the chance to see the SAMBURU women working on leader or beads while wearing their own vivid circular necklaces.

What means Africa to me? A sort of coming to the origins, our essence as human being. I try to take a Safari trip in Africa every couple years, it  is a sort of meditation for me. I relax by hearing the sound of animals around me, being aware what is around me: animals, danger, life, survival, the basic notions of every creature feeling alive. Nothing is there in my head: no cellphones, no calls, no media… just me and nature!